Aug 14

Young Rafael Nadal at the age of 12 !!!

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Aug 14

Murray Under Heavy Criticism

The British people seem to get impatient with their sports personalities very soon. No matter which sport those personalities belong to, as long as they are having a good time, they are getting plaudits and just as they go down a little bit, severe criticism starts.

The sportsperson who is experiencing that criticism thing at the moment in Britain is Andy Murray. One year back, the Scot was at the top of the world. He had given the British tennis fans something that they had been waiting for 70 odd years. A year later, he is finding himself on the floor. All the love that was being given to him at the same point of time last year has turned into hatred now. Why? It’s just because he couldn’t defend his crown at All England Club this year.

The disappointment of the fans is totally understandable. But, being disappointed doesn’t mean that you should start using harsh words against somebody who, just about a year ago, had given you a whole lot of joy.

It’s only a game at the end of the day. Somebody has to lose and the other one has to win. Murray is not the only one to have suffered a shocking defeat in his career; the other greats have suffered too. Roger Federer is a good example. He was almost impossible to be beaten at one point of time, but, in the last couple of years, he has lost to a lot of young players. Has he been criticized the same way in Switzerland as Murray is being criticized in Britain at the moment? The answer is no.

Murray is a tough character mentally and he would not let this tough phase get him down and out, that’s for sure. He would bounce back at some stage, but, right now, the Scot needs a bit of support from the British fans.

Jul 14

Roger Federer – Greatest Tribute (HD)

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Jul 14

Nadal vs. Murray in the semi finals

Sighted as one of the greatest rivalries yet again it will be Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray in the first semi final clash. The comparisons have already begun between the two as to who will get the better of who in a neck-neck match. Both had their share of ups and downs in the Rolland Garros grand slam 2014 and most importantly both are coming to the semi final after a rough quarter final match against David Ferrer and Gael Monfils respectively. Both Nadal and Murray dropped sets each with Nadal dropping 1 set and Murray 2.

Both had almost similar conditions to play under. While Nadal had to wait for the rain to stop, Murray continued in the darkness. It almost seemed that the match between Nadal and Ferrer would continue the next day and so did the match between Murray and Monfils. But both were in a hurry to finish off the match. It is yet another achievement for both the players to reach the semi final of the French Open.

It will be really tough for Murray to knock down Nadal as Nadal’s record in French Open reads as 64-1 losing to Robin Sorderling once. Murray however has a lot of expectations from himself and feels that it is a long tournament for him which has an underlying meaning that he wants to win the French Open title but the rock solid and only obstacle that is hinging between the two is Novak Djokovic whom no one can sideline. It is obvious that Nadal has much more experience of being in a grand slam final than Murray so he definitely has a slight edge over Murray. Nadal has beaten Murray in three semi finals of grand slam. A tough duel for the two is predicted.

Jun 14

“Nadal – The Comeback Year” by Sky Sports

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Jun 14

Sharapova Wins Second French Open

Maria Sharapova won her second French Open singles title yesterday by beating Simona Halep of Romania in a very close final encounter. After toiling hard for more than 3 hours, the Russian beauty queen managed to register the victory.

The final matches at Roland Garros had been pretty one sided in the last one decade or so and it was believed that something similar could happen this time around as well. But, that wasn’t the case to be. An epic battle was fought between the two finalists and the spectators present there got their money’s worth.

Sharapova had not performed that well in the last few Grand Slams that she had played and because of that many people had started to believe that she was losing her spunk. But, in this tournament, the Russian superstar showed that she was still one of the best in the business.

When Sharapova had first burst onto the scene, she wasn’t a great clay court player. She used to be more comfortable on grass courts and hard courts. The first three Grand Slams titles that she won, neither of them came on clay courts.

But, in the last few years, Sharapova has worked very hard on her game on clay courts under the guidance of some fantastic coaches and the result is that she has now lifted two trophies at Roland Garros in 3 years.

Speaking in the post match interview, Sharapova said, “It feels surreal really. If, at the start of my career, somebody had told me that two out of my first five Slam titles would be French Open, I would have laughed that off.”

“During the last couple of weeks, things have gone absolutely perfectly for me. It’s a very emotional moment.”

Jun 14

David Nalbandian Disqualified After Injuring Linesman At AEGON Championship

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May 14

Rafael Nadal Return Lessons

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Apr 14

Rafa Nadal, el rey de la pista / the king of tennis court.

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Mar 14


Rafael Nadal absolutely smashed the Australian superstar Lleyton Hewitt in the second round match in the Sony Open. He secured a 6-1, 6-3 win to move ahead.

With this performance, Nadal has sent all his rivals a very strong message. He has made it clear that he would come hard at them in this tournament.

Considering Hewitt’s recent form, he was expected to give the Spaniard some fight, but, no, it wasn’t the case. There was no contest out there. It was Nadal all the way. He played some charismatic shots to just blow his opponent away.

Speaking in the post match interview, Nadal said, “Lleyton can prove to be very dangerous on his day. I am one of his biggest admirers. He has been an absolute champion. So, I am happy to put up such sort of performance against him.”

Hewitt who was very excited about taking on Nadal looked disappointed when he came in front of the press after suffering a humiliating defeat. However, he showed the sportsmanship and admitted the fact that his opponent was far better than him.

The Australian said, “Well, he is the best in the business. I tried whatever I could, but, couldn’t just put him in any kind of trouble. He is all class and when he is in this good touch, you can’t do much as an opponent.”

“I wouldn’t say I played poorly. The timing of my shots was good, but, as I said I just got outclassed.”

Nadal broke the service of Hewitt three times in the opening set. The Australian improved a bit in the second set though, but still, couldn’t match his opponent and eventually ended up being handed a hammering.

This was the 7th time that Nadal beat Hewitt.