Jo-Wilfried Tsonga not happy to Feature with France Team

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga reckons he should not have featured for his team France in the title round Davis Cup tie versus Switzerland.

Tsonga was not 100% ahead of that tie. He had had a few issues with his arm. But, he took painkillers and decided to get through it somehow.

However, that went in vain as he failed to guide France to the title. He actually ended up aggravating that arm problem of his while playing in first of the two singles matches.

He could not even play the reverse singles due to the injury. Continue reading Jo-Wilfried Tsonga not happy to Feature with France Team

Serena wins 7 Single Title in 2014 Season

Serena Williams finished the 2014 Season by lifting the WTA finals trophy last weekend. It was her 7th singles title in the season.

For the second consecutive year, she finished the season as the no. 1 player in the world.

Still, there are some people who believe that the American star has been an underachiever in the last 10 months and they have their reasons to believe so.

Serena might have been able to maintain her no. 1 ranking throughout the year, but, she did come across several lows.

In quite a few majors, she lost before the semi final round and that too against the players of outside top 10.

It happened for the first time in the last 6 seasons that Serena participated in all the Grand Slams and managed to clinch just one.

From a player like Serena, one doesn’t expect early exits from majors especially if she is fit.

But, this season, it has happened so and that’s why, the critics are not ready to admit that this was another successful season for the 33-year old.

The thing with Serena is that she has set the bar very high for herself. For time and time again, she has dominated her opponents in the majors. So, the expectations have just got bigger and bigger from her and suddenly, when she has a season like this in which she has played well, but, has not been dominant, people say she has underachieved.

But, Serena maintaining her top position during the season means she was never out of form totally. She had been fairly consistent. Yes, she had not been as good as she was in 2013, but, still, she competed well on the tour. However, next season, she would definitely be eyeing more major titles.