David Nalbandian angrily kicks Linesman and gets disqualified – Queens 2012 Final

Tennis Heroes Video clip Ranking: three / 5

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  2. Nalbandian is a poor sportsmen DOUCHE BAG and ugly too, get fucked Nalbandian, hope you’re BANNED!

  3. That wood was Made in China

  4. What a douche!

  5. what an idiot? omfg -.-

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  7. Allfootballgoals012

    /watch?v=B7d8wCDsp44 here the highlights of the video

  8. Marijuanazindian1

    that girl in the back knew what went down. Haa! she thought shit was gonna pop off.

  9. He had a flashback to his soccer days and went for the penalty kick!

  10. cause of this fucker owes me 70 quid.

  11. lol that old man had it coming to him. 

  12. @Dano2012nqn hhaahah, nice

  13. What a douche.

  14. Haha fail xD

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  16. shame on U Nalbandian !!

  17. Hundesohn

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  21. curb your enthusiasm lol

  22. Was für ein schlechtes video ich habs nich gesehen aber SCHEISE!!!!!!!!!! Ich bin ja so böse muhahahahahagahahahahahaha
    ( ich hab sogar gelacht) hauptsach ich habe so leise gelacht daaas es keiner gehört hat!!!!

  23. Olol.
    Time to get a new leg replacement.

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