(HD) Roger Federer vs Juan Carlos Ferrero Rome 2012 R3 – FULL MATCH

Tennis Heroes Video Ranking: five / five

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  1. extradutyfelt1

    dont agree, everyone has a chance, even if it´s a small chance, no one has 0.0

  2. Thanks, TennisVideosNetwork, for these quality FULL MATCH replays. : )

  3. MaratSafinVideos

    Well, he’s 32 and has been plagued by injury. What he does now in his career is irrelevant. He’s pretty much won everything, on clay. The only big title he hasn’t won on clay is Hamburg where he lost to Portas in the final in 5.

  4. this is so awesome that the entire match is on youtube! if i were at work would be in heaven, haha

  5. @biozamadotcom Ikr, even though he is heading into the age where most tennis players lean towards retirement, roger is looking stronger than he has in the last 3 years

  6. Ferrero has literally zero chance of beating Federer

  7. Thanks! 

  8. PerplexedSidewinder

    Love the uploads

  9. Kungstradgarden

    thank for the upload! Great quality!

  10. 2003 French champ vs. 2003 Wimby champ. A match for the memory.

  11. biozamadotcom

    Thanks. Does Roger age? is he on life extension tech? He looks great.

  12. CrimsonFox1000

    thank you!! just finished watching the last one