Incredible point between Rafa Nadal and Pico Monaco – Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final

Tennis Heroes Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. aaww, loved the part at the end where he repeatedly says sorry to monaco, nadal is an amazing sportsman.

  2. a por ella? Come on, my granny could have got that drop shot from Monaco.

  3. Klotnerpatriot

    I think ur not that smart

  4. Klotnerpatriot


  5. I hope he’s not ok. His ugly tennis needs to go. Hope he never wins another tournament again.

  6. Aguante Monacoooo, Rafa shhhhhhhhh

  7. once in a lifetime

  8. grande rafa…….

  9. Que abuso lo de Rafa, tremendo!

  10. But Novak is undisputed king of *ball bouncing*, so there is something you can be proud of 😉

  11. petronije1001

    And by the way I`m from Montenegro…. .!. .!. .!.-or you want more?! hahaha

  12. why is there a guy in military uniform…..-_-

  13. Another fucking serbian scum… I gonna fucking kick your demented head off, you piece of serbian shit!!!

  14. hes greatest of all time

  15. pizzahoofd100

    Roger is better

  16. he’s sooo good! rafa, djokovic & federer. i love them all!

  17. Rafa apologize again and again! His attitude is really changing

  18. jajajajaja creo que soy el unico argentino acá….No me lo banco a Rafaaaa admiro su juego pero odio su personalidad y su caracter…

  19. terrible camera position

  20. pico monaco disliked this

  21. RafaelMarquesP

    Djokovic >> Nadal

  22. love the comments <3

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