23 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic’s Ultimate HEAD Speed Challenge”

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  2. how can a tennis ball withstand the wake of a car moving at 100 mph and actually beat it?

  3. Bought the racket it is amazing much better than my old head £25 racket

  4. I like the new racket, Head rackets have great control, but I use Dunlop . . . and this new Head racket looks like being a combination between the heavy Dunlop racket and the original Head . . . it looks like having a stronger and more bright “chassis” 😀

  5. Какав цар јеботе. Да сам женско, дао бих му.

  6. I didn´t even doubt Novak´s qualities, i did the opposite.
    Novak+IG=Best Player
    Novak+”Graphene”(best racquet in my oppinion ^^)=RealLifeHack!!! rofl

    How could a racquet win without a player?!? XDD

  7. just bought the racket looking forward to testing it out, my first pro one as well =]

  8. realmente exelente …. jajajajjajaj NOLE: i knew it !!!!!!!!! jajajajajajajajajaja terrific IDEMOOOOOOOOO NOLE ausopen2013

  9. Novak’s mother is From Croatia, but his dad is from Montenegro so he is not Serb

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