25 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal – Bad Boy”

  1. who in their right mind would ever say that they don’t need Nadal again????????? WTF. He could be my bad boy, my man,my weekend and daily lover, but boy would like to have him again, and again, and again. Aye Dios Mio!

  2. this is for girls man not for you gays….. so why you are here to watch RAFA then you idiots…. become gays go to NEVADA….

  3. fuck of you fat prick i raped your mother infront of you and made her scream

  4. COOL MUSIC !!!!!!…And exciting song……..I´m in crisis because this way to love I´d like with Rafa Nadal…….But he is a good boy……..SEXY video and good job !!!!!!

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