Rafa Nadal Physical Preparation- Rafael Nadal Training and Stretching Routine

Tennis Heroes Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Yeah, I was wondering when he was going to release the next chapter on to the youtube comments area…

  2. 2K10ChrisCarter

    Sorry, i didn’t know you were writing a prologue to your biography on nadal…

  3. superman11978

    In every clip of Nadal training at home, it looks like he is in Eden. Mallorca must be some place to grow up. He has the perfect life. He got there by a lot of hard work and the right genetics, but his hard work is a lot more fun and healthy than the hard work most regular people do.

  4. hehe we can see Rafa outside on the attic training! :)) I love it.

  5. People in Sweden never do strentching xD