Rafa Nadal:the best!

Tennis Heroes Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. Nadal is not even in the top 1000 tennis player of all time. Are you on crack. Lets see his stats. No serve(at all), no forehand, no backhand, no drop-shot(in his life), no technique, no beauty , nothing. 10 grand-slams against who( you guessed it roger in his past when he was playing with his twin kids). If this is the mark of a talent the world should end 2012.

  2. Molto bello! Complimenti!

  3. he’s good…but sorry…..Federer is the best!!!Nadal Always will be second,,,but this is not shame

  4. in others words… how can you use such an stupid song! you ruined the video

  5. pero que mariconada de canción es esta!

  6. puta madre como aruinan el caracter de nadal con esta cancion super homosexual…..
    change the song man!!!!!!!!!11

  7. nadal GAY

  8. Whats the name of the song? its a beautiful song!!

  9. 2:50 HAHAHAHAAHAA that woman touching Rafas ‘famous ass’

  10. 2:12 Federer mira a Nadal y ya se v e derrotado.

  11. Cristian Castro…Veronica Castro…emigrantes Gallegos.

  12. MrDgenerate212

    Nadal is enjoyingz the ass touchingz uberz lulzaz
    rotflz’sz N4DaLS IS T3H UB3erZ FAILZZ lulz!

    k nadal is gay

  13. The Garros is a beautiful trophy! “La Copa de los Mosqueteros”!

  14. SeTtEnTrIoNaLeDeLsUd


  15. ti prego non dirmi che hai chiesto il tutolo di questa canzone ORRENDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CAZZO NON CI VOLGIO CREDERE per altro con un inglese al quanto scarso…

  16. Song name?? Thanks!!!

  17. rafa officially new number 1 after his cincinatti win today thank fuk borin federer is number 2

  18. I din’t think so dude, Nadal is the new number one and Roger is on the decline.

  19. Booooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. gay song

  21. I hope Rafa gets the magnificent Garros again!

  22. Nadal “king of clay” and one of the best on hardcourt. Undisputably the best No2 the world has ever seen! Soon No1.

  23. cristianeronald

    great video!!! perfect song!!! rafa nadal forever!!!

  24. Dorisss467KISS

    por amarte asi – Cristiano Castro

  25. Vamos Rafa! King of Clay!