25 thoughts on “Roger Federer ► Best Forehand Winners 2013 (HD 1080p)”

  1. i promise you guys this: some of these forehand shots will not be seen used
    again for decades after fed retires due to how impossible some of them are
    unless you are Federer.

  2. what happened to the black wilson fed racket? did he just not like it and
    didnt use it after only using it for like a month? 

  3. Ahah, this video is missing the most beautiful 2013 forehand of them all!
    See if you can find the highlights of Federer-Simon at the 2013 French
    open, you’ll immediately know which forehand I’m talking about…

  4. Good video but I like to see passing forehand winners…there were typical
    short ball winners in this video

  5. Stay tuned for part 2 of this series: Roger Federer – “Heartbreaker”
    starring, Roger Federer as The Heartbreaker. See Federer dismantle,
    dishearten and discombobulate Davydenko and Mayer for seemingly an eternity!

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