Novak Djokovic Training 2013 HD Court Level View #2

Tennis Heroes Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. That last shot looked fantastic!

  2. Incredibile.

  3. Steps in with the left leg, flat and through the ball, a bit above waist
    height. If you’re a beginner don’t expect you;d be doing it any time soon.

  4. Wow that finishing shot after the net cord ball. he hits it like it’s
    nothing but how does he do it with that amount of pace?

  5. Nadaaal?? No no no…

  6. I like how you edited the videos so its non stop tennis strokes

  7. Just easy power

  8. ² GotRice? © |Baked|

    These people are so annoying in the background…if I had the chance to go
    over there, I would’ve been silent due to their amazing-ness as I watch
    them rally.

  9. that forehand is amazing

  10. yeah, me too

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    Thanks for the comment

  12. Turudic Ljubinko

    Sparring partner is Rafa….

  13. Really good job 🙂 The angle gives you a feeling as you are watching him
    play in vivo! 😉

  14. Pls more

  15. At that point he didn’t know exactly what the depth of the injury was,
    moron. The thought of not being able to compete further made him emotional,
    and it only shows how much tennis means to him.

  16. Is Nadal on the other side…?

  17. Beautiful. Is it Rafael nadal the other side?

  18. wow, just like murray said, the clay here is pretty fast compared to
    miami’s slow courts.

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  20. Loving that camera angle!

  21. Top-Tennis-Training

    Martin Klizan

  22. he made such a big deal about his ankle crying and weeping and the next
    thing his back to compete in the next tournament

  23. I would like to improve on my tennis

  24. Top-Tennis-Training

    Thanks I will try to upload more in the coming days

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    No its Martin Klizan