Roger Federer – Greatest Tribute (HD)

Tennis Heroes Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. The greatest tennis player of all time, not the greatest athlete

  2. Just Amazing! Thanks a lot, a french fan :)

  3. ivano albergo

    There is no peRFect without Roger Federer!!!

  4. Vladimir Stanescu

    I was wondering when a rafatard would appear and try to spoil a beautiful
    tribute with his stupidity and hate. But “cammpinno” is beyond stupidity
    and beyond hate.
    “cammpinno”, retarded inbred, please, go and get your Darwin award.

  5. To all fedtards:
    Federer is Arthur Cohn’s Illuminati puppet. Illuminati now enjoy the terror
    in Ukraine, paid by them. Terrifying stuff for the entire world!


    Why have u made this vid not available in the UK, I love your vids on
    roger, please make it available.

  7. OnlineFederer

    Special video about special human being.

  8. He has always made it look so damn easy. 

  9. Jeremy Lamhot

    Always the best !!!!!!!!!

  10. Great video!!!

  11. maarten peperstraete

    roger federer always been a legend to me :)

  12. IMDb Latest Trailers

    Awesome video just watch it 🙂 Perfect work MrSeba1670

  13. You are right. He never gave up. Everyone knows that. He guided me into
    Sumaiya is right

  14. I don’t want this video to end !!!!!!

  15. 1:35 mission impossible

  16. Roger is one of the greatest athletes.. humble, unique, it’s a legend.. but
    also a beautiful soul! Very good tribute vdo !

    And.. “if you don’t love Roger Federer.. you have to admire him”;)
    THNX for this sharing

  17. Chiranjeet Dahiya

    probably one of the best videos!!!

  18. Игорь Историн

    It’s just unbelievable what he’s able to do

  19. Raval Deonarine

    goosebumps everytime

  20. George Vlahopoulos

    I love this video…Excellent!peRFect!

  21. He was, He is, And He will be the best ever… I know that Rafa and Nole
    are better than Roger but he is a pure magician…

  22. he WAS the best

  23. Vineeth James

    amazing video!!!! hats off to whoever made it…
    Roger s always the greatest!!

  24. Every time I watch a new Federer video, I get chills down my spine… this
    guy is simply peRFect…The Best Ever!!!

  25. Tennis will not be the same without Roger Federer. The greatest tennis
    player of all time.