24 thoughts on “Roger Federer – Top 10 ridiculous Improvisations (HD)”

  1. Calm down and stop treating him like a God. Other people have other good qualities and are equally special.

  2. Can someone Tell me where to find the shot at 2:30 Out of his best, I’ve never seen it, but it’s now by fay my favourite of his.

  3. Wow, Roger never fails in putting a big smile on my face 🙂 amazing <3

  4. Football’s more like a barbaric charge each other trying to get a ball to the other side. Yes, there’s some strategy involved, but it’s mostly the whole charge each other thing.

  5. If you want to see some crazy moves you might want to see Dogolpolov playing : D

  6. do you wnat to know whythe people love roger and not rafa??????
    because nadal can’t do this , that style of playing is fucking awesome

  7. Football?? Please enlighten us which football are you talking about? Europe one or the USA one? And btw, I have flagged your comment. LOL

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