22 thoughts on “Roger Federer Ultimate Slow Motion Compilation – Forehand – Backhand – Serve – 2013 Cincinnati Open”

  1. In my opinion this is the closest tennis player to the perfection. Ideal
    height, balance, weight, intelligence and technique. Watch Federer playing
    tennis is a single experience. No one can play like him. I’m not saying no
    one can beat him, just to be clear.

  2. What exacted wasted motions are you talking about? His left hand that goes
    out, that forces him to turn his shoulder and hips properly, the :”J”
    motions of his backswing to his contact point??

    While many people opt for the “C” motion, a smaller and more racquet
    preparation and therefore compact backswing, that’s just one method of
    doing a forehand. Not to say it’s wrong or right but obviously with all his
    grand slams, Federer would disagree as well as his opponents his
    “effectiveness,” of his forehand and backhand techniques.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your technique demonstrated and be curious your
    tennis background, that would support your theory.

    In the meantime, go back to taking private lessons.

  3. Federer insists on so much wasted movement after contact that serves no
    tactical purpose other than to project a fey superficial presentation with
    his strokes. Like golfers today, so much fluid but meaningless artifice to
    their swings after contact. At some point Fed should have grown some
    muscle to compensate for age, but that would have been too masculine for
    his taste.

  4. It is like one day I listen to the drums, next day I hear the guitar, then
    the keyboard, this man is the whole orchestra. Every little move is one
    instrument that took years to master.

  5. Thank you for watching – Please share! 

  6. this is the best slow motion EVER from roger, thank you a lot yan you are
    the best i love your vídeos, try make a slow motion from the backhand we
    apreciatte =D

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