Victoria Azarenka has probably been the only player in the recent times who has matched Serena Williams in terms of class and ability.

But, Azarenka has not been as lucky as Serena fitness wise. She has had to go through an enormously grieving period with injuries continuously haunting her. Not only did she lose her no. 1 status because of injury issues, she just kept on slipping southwards and currently, finds herself outside top 30 in the rankings.


But, she is coming back and she is coming back with the determination of getting herself right there at the top again, and the latest odds at Titanbet suggests that she will get there in the end!

According to Azarenka, she might be the 31st ranked player in the world right now, but, it is not the true reflection of what she is. She knows she is far better than that and she has the capability to make it happen for herself again.

In an interview three days ago, Azarenka was quoted as saying, “It all depends on your thinking and how you rate yourself. The ranking does not matter a single bit. If you feel you can do it again, there is no stopping you. I am quietly confident. I know what has to be done and I would be trying my hardest.”

The recent past has been tough for Azarenka not only professionally, but, personally too. Her romantic relationship with her boy friend ended which hurt her to the core and made her cry immensely. But, the 25-year old has moved on and she is hoping that a better life awaits her.

When asked about her relationship that got broken up, the Belarusian said, “You have to face such situations in life. That’s the way it is. I have put that behind, but, it was an extremely tough period yes.”