24 thoughts on “David Nalbandian angrily kicks Linesman and gets disqualified – Queens 2012 Final”

  1. He’s from Argentina, so he’s American…”Mr. superior intellect” what an ignorant douche! LOL

  2. Thankfully nothing like this happens in America. Our superior intellect prevents this kind of behavior.

  3. Fined £8,000 – I doubt the children watching would appreciated seeing that level of violence either!

  4. Trust an Argentine to unjustifiably and viciously invade someone’s space when they least expect it…then afterwards still claim that what they did was okay. Whilst I understand that Nalbandian didn’t mean to make the linesman bleed but he was rightly disqualified! I mean what if that linesman was diabetic!? What a devastating and embarrassing way to end a match, and no matter how frustrated or angry you maybe you do not take it out on others! What if the lines man had kicked him back?

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