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  1. Of course, I would never be so egotistical as to claim with absolute knowledge that one generation was stronger than another. It’s ridiculous to do so.

  2. “there is no arguing for that, it’s just a simple fact.”

    Wrong, it’s not a fact and there’s a pretty easy argument against that. There’s a whole new generation that’s come up that is just as good (and a lot or most people argue is better) than the generation when roger was coming up. He had to overcome players like Nadal, Murray, Del Potro, and Fed himself which is easily comparable to Sampras, Agassi, Safin, and Hewitt. So no it’s not fact that Fed had it tougher establishing himself.

  3. Same thing Novak said Novak when hewas a child,to be number 1mwith full confidence in himself.The faith is very important.

  4. This is what i call a really great motivation video. This actually made me like tennis even more and I promise i will become number one in the world one day. Amazing video 😀

  5. Dont worry about contact point it should happen naturally….Just remember novak has a almost western but not fully western…in between semi western and western…..Western is for handling high bouncing balls easier and its easier to apply more topspin. My advice is if you play mostly on savannah, stay away from it as life is much easier on low bouncing surfaces with less extreme gips!

  6. Amazing video, even if i m not a Djokovic fan i ve to admit that he is a tremendous athlete. Congratulations for this video

  7. What’s the point of using a western grip.? I use it but I think my contact point is off. Im seeing this and Novack has different contact points.!!

  8. Still, as a Roger lover Novak’s natural chrisma and great attitude as a human being had managed to make me actually like him, he dominates over Roger when it comes to the intangible.

  9. As much as I appreciate Novak’s play and his personality we will have to acknowledge the fact that Novak had a much easier time setting up his period of domination over the men’s tennis in compare to roger, there is no arguing for that, it’s just a simple fact. His time came when most of the people who troubled Roger back then had pretty much fallen.

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