David Nalbandian Disqualified After Injuring Linesman At AEGON Championship

Tennis Heroes Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. They should have just got on with the game. Man up lino!
    I think Dave just didn’t like Nike ;)

  2. Was never the same since this incident. Had a string of bad luck thereafter
    and it lead to the end of his career.

  3. Fuck you, tennis is awesome.

  4. Luka Dragutin

    and the blood is fake,that is 100% ketchup!

  5. He’s a pussy because he flopped on the ground like a fish.

  6. soccer players feel his pain

  7. Felipe Gómez Benavides

    por pelotudo .. yo le habría sancionado por un año.

  8. The old man died later on from losing too much blood

  9. StreetLeagueSkater1

    I heard the guy died of blood loss.

  10. This incident just sums up the spirit of british people in general Very
    strict, severe and unfair when a foreign sportman does something
    “scandalous” just like Cantona, Maradona, Suarez, Nalbandian, any foreign
    refs… And very laxist when it comes to sanction their own athletes Even
    if what Nalabandian did was wrong. How can u ban a player with a “lost
    match” because of an angry and unintentional reaction ??? We’ve seen many
    players shot angrily in ballboys without this kind of decisions…..

  11. all the Toffs in the crowd annoyed that the game is stopped. don’t they
    know anything about fair play? oh wait.

  12. If you’re gonna play a sport, be a Good Sport! Don’t be a little bitch and
    kick shit around if things aren’t going your way. This guy gets
    disqualified and everyone gets mad, you guys are fucken morons backing this
    shithead players behavior. HE IS THE LITTLE RICH BITCH that pouts because
    he didn’t get the call. Whatever happened to Sportsmanship! Fuck this Sport

  13. ² GotRice? © |Baked|

    yea he fought for it and now they stealing it away. thats bullshit.

  14. valhallaforever1

    That guys leg is bleeding bad, David should have been disqualified.

  15. Pissygummy Oso

    I meant walk

  16. Pedro Fuentes

    mas peligroso que ser arbitro de tenis ? o.0

  17. PrettyPiZZAface

    an argentine hitting a english guy! great! this is revenge for the brutal
    kick of david beckham against diego simeone in the 1998 world cup!

  18. Poor David. In 2012 Australian Open 1st round vs Isner in 5th deciding set
    Isner’s serve was out,line judge called it out,Main judge reversed it as
    in.In Us open 2004 in semifinals vs Roddick in 4th set at match point
    Roddick’s shot was in,someone in the crowd called it out-he trought line
    judge called it so he shot the ball off the court.

  19. mrsupernick2000

    Man people give this guy so much grief for something he did not mean to do.

  20. Man that old guy is a pussy

  21. wtf it looks like federer got injured …

  22. 5 worst tennis tantrums in my opinion (besides Mcenroe): 1. Serena Williams
    when she threatened the lines woman in the US open 2. This video 3. Youzhny
    when he smashed his racket to the face 4. Gonzalez racket smash against
    Federer 5. That Federer smash

  23. Sub zxJusticex zxJusticex


  24. @mustafa Ahmed well said!!! I guess in America it would be the equivalent
    of Lebron James playing basketball like a champ then as soon as the cameras
    are on him it’s his, “oh the agony” face.