19 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Return Lessons”

  1. Rafah0lic, can you please make captions through youtube? Please and thanks

  2. awesome vids, but at the same time taking lessons from rafa makes no sense
    to me lol. most the things he does is like only for him and his body and
    talents. rafa has some of the most unorthadoxed technique and court
    positioning that wouldnt work for the normal human being

  3. All of the advice from this video is pretty valid for any player. He just
    suggested what he did for certain situations, but other than that, you can
    tell that all professionals do what he teaches. The only things I find
    unorthodox about him are his grip, his shot styles, and returns. Other than
    that, he’s much like any other heavy topspin baseliner on the tour.

  4. I added the subtitles .. i will do all of them sorry for the wait time guys!

  5. Rafa I could listen to you all day but why don’t you take your top off
    while you’re teaching?

  6. Please do subtitles for all! Do you want some money to do it? Do you know
    where I can buy the original DVD’s?

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