David Nalbandian disqualified from final at Queen’s Club – 2012

Tennis Heroes Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. You stupid moron it’s not the point if the injury wasn’t severe, the point is that it is DISGUSTING behavior by Nalbandian. Get a clue idiot.

  2. What a disgusting prick! Ban him! That linemen should have got up and decked him!

  3. Honestly I don’t think he did it intentionally, he kicked the line judge after losing that point. He was in the heat of the moment and was upset he lost the game point. Also, he’s under assault charges for something like that?!? Line judge is a wimp and wants money from that public incident.

  4. he should be banned for kicking, poor sportsman ship.  what a baby.

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  6. best part of this video is at 0:33 , the ball girl made this video awesome!

  7. Oh, it wasn’t a direct kick to the leg. How disappointing. Maybe he just really hates Nike. I know I do.

  8. Tennis is for dickless brats who like to throw tantrums

  9. alexandreconssenza

    É isso. Homem nervosão só faz asneira ( no trânsito, em casa, no trabalho, no esporte, com mulher, etc). O segredo do sucesso é a calma.

  10. How ignorant

  11. latinasdoitbetter1

    uhhh kid, white people all over the country have endured much worse than a little bleeding all the leg today. its clear you have been brainwashed, so i wont waste anymore than a few seconds on you

  12. You obviously haven’t seen the picture of the bleeding gash on his leg. Quite how you get on to world war 2 from this is anyone’s guess. You obviously want to impress people with your opinions on that conflict, so why not do so on a WW2 video?

  13. jailed??? LOL ya morons need to get a grip, the amount of blood was as much your dad drew after pounding your mom’s tight pussy

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  15. Psychopath. He should be jailed for that


  17. In 2008 Andy Roddick was at match point and about to win. The umpire called his opponent for a double-fault serve. Walking to shake his opponent’s hand, Roddick noticed a ball mark on the clay–in bounds. Roddick got the umpire’s attention and pointed out that the ball had nicked the line but was in fact in bounds. The match continued. Roddick went on to lose the match, but his beyond-the-call-of-duty honesty made him famous as a cavalier, an opponent who would do the right thing.

  18. Hahahaaa

  19. F7E7R7N7A7N7D7O

    Que dramático el de celeste que está al lado del arbitro en la tribuna!!

  20. TheEruptionOffer

    Let’s send this to RWJ!!!

  21. pinches argentinos intolerantes por eso nadie los quiere en ningun lado

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  24. Actually i don’t pinhead I play high pressure sports.maybe not professional.but I still have the courtesy to respect others.and how did he not see the guy when its his job to hit a ball a few inches big travelling at 80+ miles per hour.so stop sucking him off and get a grip dude…

  25. Go on my profile to watch the incident live and behind the scenes footage from the Nalbandian and cilic!