Novak Djokovic: Highlights 2011 – The Backhand [HD]

Tennis Heroes Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. I think that he is probably right. Probably. And you say ‘Just no man.’ that easy and confident. The level that Djokovic had in 2011 is on top together with Fed pic. And i think that is probably best tennis that ever one player play.

  2. WalrusesGunWild

    … the highlights of any professional. i hope u know what highlights mean. i do give props for his down the line approach shot with the backhand, but his backhand is not the best. It currently is not the best either.

  3. Yes he does. Rewatch this video until you understand.

  4. WalrusesGunWild

    ur joking. he has nowhere near the best backhand in history. even right now he doesn’t have the best backhand

  5. WTF? 4:11?

  6. Nice vid, dude. I can tell you put some time into making this. Very enjoyable to this tennis fan!

  7. and Uncle Toni..

  8. Just no man. He doesn’t blow out the top players enough. True incredible brilliance is being able to lay the absolute smack down on top top players in the latter stages so for example, John McEnroe making mincemeat out of Connors in the 1984 Wimbledon Final.

  9. Djokovic at his best is the best player ever in my opinion and this video is a really good one to show how good this guys backhand is.And also love the song !!!! tangerine dream love on a real train my fav song

  10. madrid final – best ever tutorial on why not to moonball djokovic’s backhand

  11. TennisFilmProduction

    I love his backhand! Thanks for the upload.

  12. backand djoko + forehand nadal= 6-0 for novak 🙂

  13. It’s the same backhand as Wozniacki 😀

  14. Lol @ 3:12?

  15. ThaExpert23Outlaw

    lol no, cant compare them

  16. i wanted to post this on a porn website but they dont accept videos of rape.

  17. nalbandian has the best backhand.

  18. tyrannosaurus92aig

    nadal disliked this video !!

  19. Lol Everybody’s talking that Novak have the best backhand in the throughout history,And it is true

  20. cro91Maderfaker

    david nalbandian ?

  21. agreed!

  22. Murray’s is better

  23. @s900203 Nadal has a nice backhand too, it just so happens that his forehand is much much better. Novak has nice fundamentals all around, but his backhand is his better shot.

  24. Backhand GOAT