25 thoughts on “David Nalbandian kicks Linesman and gets disqualified – Queens 2012 Final”

  1. “We” as a country, you seem intent on having a petty argument over this, where did i claim any personal involvement?, i didnt, end of. Twat.

  2. Если Ебануть по забору то рухнет вся площадка с трибунами

  3. мы хотели чтобы ты встал на колени и разок соснул армянский хуй своим азергётским ртом)))

  4. He doesn’t even look sorry! Disgusting pig! Someone shoulda come down and decked him, disgusting sportsmen, fucker!

  5. I didn’t claim to be. You however did. Were you? your response suggest that you wern’t

  6. He will learn from this, enough said. Don’t hate on him, he made a mistake and he lost.

  7. what a dickhead…
    wonder how he would have felt if instead of an older guy the referee was a young fit guy who got up and gave him back a good kicking in the ass because “he too was so stressed”……

  8. Аха-ха-ха как я понял он сам этого не ожидал что это штука сделано из херни

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