David Nalbandian kicks Linesman and gets disqualified – Queens 2012 Final

Tennis Heroes Video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. dormantsuperhero

    “We” as a country, you seem intent on having a petty argument over this, where did i claim any personal involvement?, i didnt, end of. Twat.

  2. Если Ебануть по забору то рухнет вся площадка с трибунами

  3. мы хотели чтобы ты встал на колени и разок соснул армянский хуй своим азергётским ртом)))

  4. He doesn’t even look sorry! Disgusting pig! Someone shoulda come down and decked him, disgusting sportsmen, fucker!

  5. look at the grany with black sweter and shades at 0:05-0:10! hahaha xD

  6. TheMarkAvreliy

    Армяшка, шо хотели-то?


  8. Tosser

  9. judge- out! … ahh WTF!!! my leg! lol

  10. I didn’t claim to be. You however did. Were you? your response suggest that you wern’t

  11. dormantsuperhero

    were you?

  12. надо было с ноги в лицо, чо уж там…

  13. RAGE

  14. He will learn from this, enough said. Don’t hate on him, he made a mistake and he lost.

  15. what a dickhead…
    wonder how he would have felt if instead of an older guy the referee was a young fit guy who got up and gave him back a good kicking in the ass because “he too was so stressed”……

  16. he kicks him the armenian way 🙂 viva nalbandian !!!

  17. Хи хи хи забавно

  18. Sergey0101007

    15-ая секунда “гоооооол’

  19. Sergey0101007

    Аха-ха-ха как я понял он сам этого не ожидал что это штука сделано из херни

  20. buena ocasión del juez para reírse…….si le hubieran dado a otro.

  21. !!!

  22. Doggieman1111

    why aren’t people recording the entire thing I don’t understand

  23. охуел ваще собака

  24. еблан

  25. Правильно сделали, а то распоясался.