25 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal – Just Remember!”

  1. Australian Open 2012 will be completely different. And rest of the season too. I’m sure about that. Vamos 🙂

  2. oh sry..i hit the dislike button by mistake..m so sry..if dere’s any way to undo it plz let me know.nd sry again..loved it…love nadal

  3. It wasn’t a bad year for Rafa. As a fan it was very upsetting seeing him loosing 7 finals. But as a fun it is always nice to see him come back and fight to improve him game. I always promise I won’t follow him again but I am here looking for news of him. Vamos Rafa!!!! 2012 is a beautiful number and we will hear a lot about Rafael Nadal.

  4. lmfao at how ridiculously sentimental this is…still favorited it though. lol.

  5. my knee is messed up but getting better this gives me hope to get back on the court again

  6. He does not beat top seads because he ‘claims to be injured’. Part of what makes an incredible athlete is the ability to push through any sort of pain, which Nadal does. Adrenaline and drive are miraculous things. In fact, if anything, he is sometimes goes overboard by trying to play through it.

    And off court, he is very humble and empathizing. He is far from little as a person.

  7. Nadal is a Great Champion but as a person he is a very little man… he claims to be injured and then beats top seads !!!! He want to compete with ROBOCOP ?
    Sorry you need to be blind to accept his behavour…

  8. Freakin’ Awesome Video! Rafael, You Are the Greatest Athelete of all Time and Our Hero! Don’t ever forget that! We love You! Ahora, Vamos Rafael! A ganar Wimbledon 2011!!!! Tu puedes, es tuyo! Saludes desde Nicaragua!

  9. This is wonderful!! Congratulation!! It’s exactly what I thought in that moment!!
    Beautiful and sad video

  10. haha, seems like he died on a plane crash or something
    dramatic video 😀

  11. I this even with Djokovic being on top this year, I think Nadal will still find a new tactic to beat him this year.

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