David Nalbandian Loses Control

Tennis Heroes Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. HowWilliSurvive

    Kiss your hand 5 times and post this on 3 other videos and you will find a pink iPod under your pillow!

  2. CheapChizzlinMooch

    CRappy title. He never lost control….

  3. DressagePferd

    It must be really the shirt! Hahahaha 😀

  4. At least no blood was spilt that day. You should see him when he’s REALLY angry.

  5. he´s an asshole, but you want to watch him play again at Wimbledon 2012

  6. who won the match?

  7. 1:35 no this is not pilates

  8. Umpire is a time traveler from The Soul Train studio.

  9. yep

  10. Shikhargupta29

    Ohh, so was this the same day he smashed those rackets???

  11. dylanqioniwasa

    the ball girl called it OUT!! She even put her arm to the direction of the line! Bad call, but yes, the sequel is much more graphic LOL what an angry man!

  12. charselleaimelesbite


  13. when are these attention seekers gonna learn-it’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game !! full stop…… ugly tennis – is ugly tennis and Nalbandian isn’t the only one by far.. and his kick at queens shows that good sportsmanship, should always be employed or else you lose & pay….

  14. This is losing control! This is bullshit, nothing more than a difference of opinion. Big deal!

  15. how many of u wanted to see the last secondes serve?

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  17. nouni 🙂 
    thanks fez
    say…. where are you from again??

  18. fuck yeah im American.
    baseball is the shit.
    from the dawn of creation weve been throwing shit and kicking shit.

    are you from australia?

  19. Se quer falar de mau caratismo, vamos começar por pessoas que aproveitam qualquer oportunidade para fazer generalizações ridículas contra um grupo de pessoas contra as quais provavelmente já tinha algo contra, Deus sabe lá porque.

  20. Que pedazo de forro que sos…

  21. alexandreconssenza

    Só podia ser argentino, ô povinho maucaráter! Cara covarde, bater num senhor idoso. Claro q ele viu o juiz, fez de propósito achando q podia depois dar uma de destraído.

  22. It was really unfair. Nalbandian had the right to challenge! The umpire should have let him challenge.

  23. For sure Nalbandian was right!

  24. BoxyTheSpaceDog

    What about Roddick or Serena???