Rafael Nadal

Tennis Heroes Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. dandraveification

    I bet nadal watched this, heard which wins Rafael Nadal a Mercedez Benz, he went YES!! and then heard play of the week, FUCK 😀

  2. Who ever agrees – Nadal is the greatest tennis player now and one of the greatest in history

  3. @adolfhitlerlebt06 dont you say bad things about rafa hes a top player! And whats up with the nickname? You’re a sick son of a bitch just like him! Orospu cocugu!

  4. kobijatkrivijal

    ovo je go kurac

  5. kobijatkrivijal

    ovo je go kurac

  6. Nadal FTW!

  7. 0909ALEJANDRA


  8. adolfhitlerlebt06

    Nadal son of an ape bich, i’m gonna blow your chimp-faced head off of you
    Nadal monkey-faced black…

  9. AliceInTennisLand

    ahhh Rafa , your totally wicked to watch

  10. XboxKenny1992

    ares12790 – how can u be gangsta at tennis u dumb fuck hahhahahahaha

  11. paq1111 has no clue about tennis just don’t listen to him

  12. 1. Cover your mouth with you hand
    2. Make a wish
    3.Close your hand (fist)
    4. Hold you hand at heart for 5 seconds
    5. Send this to 3 more videos
    6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever
    it actually worked

  13. whats the song in the beginning

  14. it was simply ball? the speed with which he hit it requires lightning fast reflexes and control. verdasco was just stunned that nadal could get to it, let alone make it over the net

  15. i wan2 see Rafael Nadal,
    and Roger Federer vs.
    that would be a very good match.

  16. classic

  17. I don’t know that why the nadal’s oponent couldn’t hit the ball back after the ball was coming straight at him. It was simply ball

  18. Why do you think that?

  19. turkmenistani

    Rafael Nadal is the BEST!!!!!! (((:

  20. i thought
    nadal was the geico man
    i mean the caveman !!!
    haha …very funny

  21. Nadal, ángel de la fuerza, poder en musculos de fuerte. Persona muy de ganar. grande agil y fuerte. Nadal lo tiene todo. Se entrena mucho. Nadal es de vigoroso jugar

  22. rafael nadal is such a fag !!!

  23. It’s more like a bad habit. He is taking his shorts out of his ass, because they stick to it with the sweat.

    Yes, the people from Argentina laughed at him last year saying “we’re gonna take your underpants out of your ass @ the finals”; trying to beckon him.

    Sadly, they got raped.

  24. yes Rafa is my favourite player,
    but for christ sake – wish he would stop picking his fucking arse – every 5 seconds !!!

  25. Haha, it’s his trademark move!!