Head Graphene Speed Pro (Novak Djokovic) Racquet Review

Tennis Heroes Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Tennis Warehouse

    @Jeremiah Cheng,
    You have to pull off the grommets (the outer plastic shell you are
    referring to) when the racquet is unstrung. Use an awl tool or anything
    else that has a long, skinny point to help you get under the plastic and
    lift it off the strings. They should pop off the outside of the frame.
    Andy, TW

  2. Tennis Warehouse

    @Henry Richards,
    This would probably be a bit too big of a jump up in weight from your
    Radical Lite. I’d recommend looking at the new Graphene Radical S, as it
    will offer a similar feel but with a bit more heft.
    Andy, TW

  3. Tennis Warehouse

    @Yang Yang
    The Blade 98 will offer more power and feel while the Speed Pro will give
    you more control and spin. The Speed Pro will be more forgiving and will
    allow you to take big swings at the ball and still stay in control.
    Andy, TW

  4. Hi TW
    My strings have just broke in my Speed S and I was wondering what would be
    an ideal string for this racquet (including string tension). I am a 13yr
    old looking for a mix of power and control in the string.

  5. Hey TW,

    I am an agressive baseliner who likes to hit heavy balls and quite often
    come in to finish the point. I was wondering what racquet between the Speed
    pro, Speed mp and Prestige pro would be a better choice for me. Also it
    would be helpful if i could get some advice on what type of string to use
    and possibly at what tension?

    Thank you,

  6. teppo matikainen

    Does it come with a bag or cover?

  7. How does this compare to the aero pro drive?

  8. Which one among youtek ig speed mp (18×20), youtek ig extreme mp 2.0,
    dunlop biomimetic 200+ and the graphene speed mp is a bettter frame for
    baseline play.

  9. How does this compare to the Babolat Pure Drive?

  10. I currently use Wilson blx pro staff 90,but i end up hitting a few balls on
    the rim especially with my two handed backhand.Should i consider switching
    to this racket?Does it have good plow-through?

  11. Tennis Warehouse

    @Karl Jergmo,
    The Ltd. edition “Black Beauty” is the same racquet except for the leather
    Andy, TW

  12. Hi, Andy

    Can you tell me which racket is the most “forgiving” and “easiest to play
    with” for the intermediate player? The Head Youtek Graphene Speed Pro or
    the Babolat Aero Pro Drive? And which one is the best racket overall in
    your opinion?

  13. Hi Andy,

    I was about to buy this Graphene Speed Pro, but i read that a new version
    is coming this november.
    Can you confirm this?

  14. @Atul Diwakar,
    The Blade 98 will offer more power and feel while the Speed Pro will give
    you more control and spin. The Speed Pro will be more forgiving and will
    allow you to take big swings at the ball and still stay in control.
    Andy, TW

  15. Hi Andy, I was wondering what racquet i should get, the head speed, wilson
    steam99s, and wilson 95s. Could you tell me the pros of each racquet?

  16. +Tennis Warehouse I currently play with the is speed 18×20 andI am thinking
    of buying the graphene speed pro, but want to wait for the new version to
    come out and see which one I prefer. When is the new racket coming out and
    what do you know about it?

  17. I currently play with the Babolat Aeropro Lite. It serves great, but I
    would like something with more control and feel (without sacrificing
    service power). Would you recommend this or the MP? I’m a
    beginner/recreational player.

  18. What difference does this racket have with the IG Extreme Pro? Apart from
    the different patters and the material

  19. When will the new head speed come out?

  20. Tennis Warehouse

    @Karim Essam,
    It depends on your style of play and personal preference. If you have
    shorter, slower strokes and want more power, comfort and playability, try a
    nice soft multifilament like Tecnifibre NRG2. If you have longer, faster
    strokes and need more control, spin and durability, go with a nice
    polyester like Head Sonic Pro Edge.
    Andy, TW

  21. ok so I’m debating on which racquet to switch to between the graphene speed
    pro or the graphene speed mp?
    from you guys stand point of playing with both sticks can you tell me the
    differences? I hit a flat ball and I’m looking for a little more pop and
    lots of spin but not at the price of my arm so which between the two suits
    me? +Tennis Warehouse 

  22. teppo matikainen

    Hello TW what kind of string you suggest if i want spin and control and i
    can generate my own power?

  23. Between this and the Radical, which one do you prefer?

  24. hi guys i am 16 years old and currently have a 300g racket and is
    headlight, i have been reading that this racket`s weight is evenly
    distributed will i notice the weight difference that much, thank you. If
    there any other recommendations around that weight but range please help

  25. I own the previous version if I were to buy this one would it fit right
    into my game like my old versions?