Nike Football: Mercurial Vapor VIII: Rafa Nadal meets Cristiano Ronaldo

Tennis Heroes Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. and now they are playing in the semi-final .. spain and portugal

  2. no comenteis en ingleeeeees! esta en español

  3. Humzah1234567890

    Except they aren’t studs

  4. Humzah1234567890

    I have the same shoes as Cristanio Ronaldo!!! =D

  5. Wow Nadal really good for a tennis player, he’s like the spanish version of CR7 tennis style

  6. uau!!! They are so convincing…..

  7. TheTallAsianKid

    wtf did u just say ?

  8. patrick clarke

    nice vid

  9. 66 people are adidas fans

  10. Benjamin Land

    I thought they were about to start making out when they were talking about each others skills and style.

  11. love cr ;D

  12. MrDanielrodrigues13

    lol, he did already score 3, 4 goals in the euro

  13. MrDanielrodrigues13

    Ronaldo is TRYING to speak spanish xD

  14. yoshinori5719


  15. XxJusTxPerFeCtxX

    un buen pelito jajajaj

  16. He is speaking hispanish¡ my lenguaje;))

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  18. watch?v=XPchfE-LnHA

  19. excuse me better than he didn’t said chrostiano

  20. nadal <3

  21. Is Ronaldo speaking portuguese, or does he speak spanish with a heavy portuguese accent?

  22. I can understand Ronaldo’s spanish but hardly understand Nadals lol too fast for me

  23. first time i see nadal’s legs covered

  24. I love Rafa, very talented yet very humble. Ronaldo extremely talented but arrogant.

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