25 thoughts on “Nike Football: Mercurial Vapor VIII: Rafa Nadal meets Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. Wow Nadal really good for a tennis player, he’s like the spanish version of CR7 tennis style

  2. I thought they were about to start making out when they were talking about each others skills and style.

  3. seriously dont miss out and check out these guys, they have the ability too go far but just need your support so watch this and subscribe to them watch?v=d_fk95Yhzgw

  4. Is Ronaldo speaking portuguese, or does he speak spanish with a heavy portuguese accent?

  5. I can understand Ronaldo’s spanish but hardly understand Nadals lol too fast for me

  6. I love Rafa, very talented yet very humble. Ronaldo extremely talented but arrogant.

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