23 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal – Let Me Entertain You”

  1. This video is kickass! Rafa always leaves me breathless: He is truly a thing of beauty. Watching him move is one of life’s pleasures.

  2. I love this video I hope you don’t mind I posted it on my site rafaholicscom!!

  3. This is one of the best vids I’ve seen on Rafa. I love the music, as well. Great job. Thanks for reminding me how good he looked in 2008 with that hair and sleeveless guns!

  4. Nice video…..Rafa’s die hard fan can only make such a video….love it….Feisty awesome work….

  5. Thanks for making and I feel happy commenting this vid……..Very nice vid……

  6. you’re welcome. thank you!  for making it. Does this mean you gonna do more?

  7. love robbie and love rafa. this is really great.

    I hope you do know this was posted in the official rafael nadal site.

    what an accomplishment.

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