No 1 video reply by Novak Djokovic #NoleForYou

Tennis Heroes Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. ovih 5 debila koji su dislajkovali su sigurno nadalovi fanovi -.-

  2. Εισαι μεγάλος!!!

  3. Dw. The joker will win the gold medal. One would rather win that than a grand slam. They come once every four years

  4. the ‘smack’ sound makes me jump everytime. scary as hell when you are using headfones. :/

  5. BeneathTheArmor

    don’t think that he got it all handed to him, you have no idea how much work and brutal training he’s had to do to get to this point.

  6. Djokovic is so cool. With this app i feel like i can really ask him something and participate on his career. I am a big fan of Roger and Novak and I appreciate a lot this Nole. Good luck with everything you need, if you need anything haha. You already have a beautiful fionce, a lot of money, famous, No1 in the world in tennis and yet 24 years old =D

  7. Ronaldinho10123321

    Bravo No1e ti si definitivno jedan od najboljih Crnogorskih sportista

  8. Hvala ti Nole od srca sto si odgovorio na moje pitanje.Samo sto se nisam srusio dok si izgovarao moje ime.Hvala ti jos jednom i znaj da cu biti uvek uz tebe svim srcem i dusom,UVEK! ♥♥♥

  9. Ya subtitled 🙂
    I will easy for ypu. Instead to talk twice language tough 🙂
    However, thanks to take a time and do this for your fans:)


  11. where to post questions for the second round???

  12. you are so good to us 🙂 thats why we are the best fans in the world!

  13. you say less personal questions..we say more personal questions, lol. either way we love you and thank you for this!

  14. oh nole, you’re so cute!

  15. 7:55 aaaaa moje pitanje…Nole najbolji si :DDDDD

  16. novace, kad dolazis u republiku srpsku, onako, da nema politicara, samo mi i ti :))))

  17. Hi, I am profoundy Deaf and I am using sign language. Please could you set up subtitle. Every his videos please. Many thanks.

  18. we need some subtitles……………

  19. Moje je cetvrto pitanjee 😀 Nole<3

  20. mixdcolourflower

    Eh, pa sad ovi iz Carpe Diem-a moraju da nabave pivo za Noleta.

  21. mixdcolourflower

    Nole, ti si nas heroj! 🙂 Volimo te.

  22. Hvala ti Nole od srca sto si odgovorio na moje pitanje.Samo sto se nisam srusio dok si izgovarao moje ime I dok si odgovarao na moje pitanje.Hvala ti jos jednom I znaj the see you biti uvek uz tebe svim srcem, UVEK! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  23. The sixth question was mine :))) 5:18

  24. NickGPWin1989

    Good question 😀 Nole plays very risky sometimes XD