24 thoughts on “No 3 video reply by Novak Djokovic #NoleForYou”

  1. many years before alexander greeks have sex but only man with man, and then come macedonian and told them that sex can be with women………

  2. Znam da neces da mi odgovoris na pitanje, ali bih voleo da te upoznam negde!!!

  3. From the way you talk ,it ‘ s obvious that you have NO EDUCATION AT ALL . . . Macedonians are not like you . . . MACEDONIA IS OURS , HISTORY IS OURS , GLORY IS OURS . . .

  4. Your mom is fucking bitch. Macedonia for the Macedonians! You STUPID. My name is MACEDONIA, not F.Y.R.O.M.!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Novac , you have to reconsider what you said about ”Macedonia” . You SHOULD know that it’s a greek belonging and i have to say that every single nation has its own history and it CANT borrow a foreign own… it is OFFENSIVE for the humans’ progress to remake the facts and the events in that sneaky way . . . greetings from Greece

  6. You see Alexander the Great, was Greek.Ask anybody from Japan to America, from any education background, they will tell you exactly the same thing,Alexander the Macedonian was Greek. Building hundreds of statues in gigantic sizes of Alexander the great they think that they are going to legitimise their country and they doing that by fighting a global consciousness that tell people that they are fake.
    With no offence or nasionalistic mood ,
    a fun from Greece

  7. Novak , I really respect you and admire your career ! However, there is something that really annoyed me in this video. The second question was from someone in F.Y.R.O.M. who likes to call himself Macedonian ! In addition ,most of the the people commenting in this video keep writing about ”Macedonia” .I come from Greece and I know that Macedonia is a region in Northern Greece and has absolutely NOTHING to do with F.Y.R.O.M.

  8. I admire you Novak, but I don’t think you were very good at geography at school!

  9. Looking forward to tomorrow when hopefully you will end the Iberian’s streak at RG!

  10. Nice idea! We are looking forward to many more clips of No1vak! 🙂

  11. Nole…why did you choose to change to UNIQLO after a lifetime of playing with Adidas?

  12. Nole bili mi bio žirant?, Planiram da kupim auto ali mi ovi indijanci ne daju bez žiranta…ETO PA JAVI.

  13. Thank you Nole! To take the time and make this video.

  14. МакедонијаСрбија две државе један народ! Поздрав браћи православној!

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