25 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic has fun with a fan (“Will you marry me?”) – marriage proposal – ORIGINAL”

  1. ohkay to everyone that’s saying my cousin is homo he isn’t. he’s only 11 he barely even understands who gay people are. he thought itd be funny to do a remake of the steffii grafs && rafael nadals “will you marry me”. so shutup to everyone saying my cousin is gay, he’s a little boy he isn’t he doesn’t love novak like a little fan girl. he idolizes him && he was clearly just joking to see if he could get novaks attention.

  2. Federer just had a pizza party with the ball boys and girls at the indoor basel tournament. They all have class and are nice. You don’t have to try lowering the other players, they are all good and classy.

  3. No he wasn’t called a douchebag, but to imply Federer doesn’t have class is pretty low. “People always say Federer has class.” “To that I say class my ass.” He/she could’ve said it better for sure.

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