25 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Janko Tipsarevic ATP Mutua Madrid Open 2012 Highlights HD”

  1. Nadal always bitches. Everyone bitches. People in general are complainers. Deal with it.

  2. I think nadal and federer are true number ones.. Djokavic isn’t that good to me.. He’s definitely at his prime right now though.. How long is it gonna last for though???

  3. Two Things: 1. He didn’t think he was the shit.
    2. Although he didn’t think this, he was and is indeed “the shit” in that he has more grand slam singles titles than any other man to play the sport of tennis ever

    I still don’t understand how people get it in their head that Federer is some sort of cocky bastard. I mean have you ever listened to any of his fucking interviews? He is nothing but modest.

  4. how did he ever think he was the shit?!?!? if anything he was modest. he is the GOAT

  5. this isnt a question about who knows more about tennis, its just my opinion that djokovic is the worst no.1 ever and i would never have sweared at you if you hadnt.

  6. You think you know about tennis but you really do not. I’m not going to waste any more of my time talking to some dumb shit like you. Don’t even bother replying, and if you do, then I won’t because you are not worth the effort.


  8. yeah because one thing we do know, the FANS know best…

    Sarcasm aside, I do think they both whined and bitched about it too much. Especially Nadal.

  9. Here is what I think : this tournament was supposed to be a WARMUP tournament for Roland Garros, wts the point if they changed the surface to one thats totally different from Roland Garros, so Djokovic and Nadal had a valid point to complain, they play this tournament to PREPARE for Roland Garros, not to adapt to a different surface.

  10. Yes you’d expect him to win this easily, but EVERY tennis player loses the odd game by surprise. Djokovic = 3 Grand Slams last year, beat Nadal (No 2.) in 6 consecutive finals, so he beat the No 2. so many times last year so he was clearly the best in the world. Just because he lost a match to someone ranked lower does not mean he is the worst number 1 ever. What do you expect, you expect him to win 150 matches in a row or something? He does not frequently lose to player below him NOW FUCK OFF.

  11. I disagree with those of you who say the players should not complain.What Rafa and Novak said was valid.Why change the surface just a couple of weeks before the French.Yes.They were both outplayed.But the surface had a lot to do with it i think.Rafa loses to Ferdasco.A guy he has never lost to.Novak loses to his friend Tipsarevic.A guy that he owns.Coincidence?I don’t think so.

  12. he loses frequently against players below him, he should have won this match but tipsaravic was better than him therefore he won, but being no. 1 means you are better than every player on the face of this earth

  13. there’s a ‘slight’ difference with every clay court- madrid was never supposed to be a replica of RG even before this year
    it’s a very shit reason to bitch anyway

  14. i’m sure they didnt simply change the color of the surface… there’s obviously a slight difference between these and the red courts. they don’t bitch for no reason.

  15. This surface would favor Federer, hate to tell you Fed-tards. It’s perfect for mis-direction and wrong-footing an opponent, two things Fed does better than anyone who’s ever played.

  16. The clay didn;t have anything to do with this. Tip just whooped Djoker. End of story…

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