25 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Set 4 Wimbledon 2012 Semi Finals 06-07-2012”

  1. i someone wants to talk about the king of the kings Federer he must wash his mouth by alcohol first cz he’s the best ever & all the others behind him & very far from him…

  2. Murray would hand back the olympic gold to have the wimbledon 2012 title- that is 1 of the 4 cornerstones of tennis
    fed will have to make do with 17 grand slams across all four surfaces- 21 masters titles and 6 atp tour championships- and the olympic doubles gold
    and the longest ever #1
    So sorry for him

  3. Go for your life mate.
    P.S. You’r really bad ass man replying to WHOEVER you what WHENEVER you want. You of all people should judge who has class and who doesn’t as you are obviously so elegant and respectful.

  4. lmfao doing charity doesnt mean your classy dumbass. plenty of dirtbags do charity just to try to improve their public image. federer is a disgrace, glad he lost. and its youtube, ill reply to whoever the fuck i want WHENEVER the fuck i want. DEAL WITH IT CUNT.

  5. Don’t know why you replied to me…but yes murray played incredible absolute perfection if he plays like that at the us open it would be hard to bet against him. Don’t know how fed is classless though he has a charity set up in SA that he is activley involved in and does a lot of other charity work plus being named fans favourite from 2003-2011. Class act. But hey if your set on hating a champion like him go ahead. Realy good to see murray get a big win hopefulyy it will lead to a slam title.

  6. thank god murray got revenge for GOLD against the classless federer god that was great to see. WAY TO GO MURRAY!! proud 🙂

  7. you realise your posting the same point over and over again right? He had a jacket made before he played a game big deal. If he hadnt of won it would have stayed in the bag, he was just prepared for if he did win I’m not sure if you actually watched the djockovic game but he should have won that game he had match points he just couldnt close. His comments were because that he was in a position where he absolutley should have won and it was inexcusible that he didn’t. Fed is the peoples champion

  8. lmfao so sportsmanship is having a jacket pre-made before a finals match saying how many championships you have won? so sportsmanship is getting up in front of the media after djokovic came back from 0-2 to beat you and saying ” i deserve to be in the finals” …yeahhhh. reallll humble 🙂 lol. idiot.

  9. you do not know tennis. federer is extremley humble considering he has accomplished more than anybody in the game. stop posting comments that dont make sense and just slander a champion. Federer is one of the greatest sportsman of all time, the epitomy of sportsmanship, fairness and professionalism. Even if he isn’t the greatest (which i believe he is at this point in time) we should all consider ourselves lucky we saw someone like him play the game.

  10. i bet after he won this, he prolly felt like he will most likely win the whole thing

  11. @jokeronk
    Lol. You seriously think rafa and Novak in their prime are better than roger in prime. Roger just came off of a Wimbledon win, where he beat Djokovic.
    As for Nadal, yes he beat Federer in arguably the greatest match ever but, he only has a better h2h on clay. Federer has it on grass and on hard and on indoor. It’s just that they met most of the time on clay.
    Ps. If you’re just going to insult and make fun of Federer on a FEDERER video, then piss off.

  12. I love you Roger. Classy and so talented best video visit this site watchxtennisOnline

  13. Hahaha,it is a pity for all Federer fans, but Roger will never be the greatest he will always be worse than NAdal .Fed never won Rafa on clay and Nadal won in Roger on grass when Federer was still in his prime – 26 years old. That’s it . Rafa and Djokovic in their prime are definitely better than Federer

  14. Honestly, shut up. People like you ruin youtube for everyone else. The commentor was obviously just praising Roger Federer for his magnificent tennis ability. Keep your religous beliefs to yourself. No one cares.

  15. wtf… get this religious bs off of youtube. This is about Roger Federer being the greatest player of all time. There is absolutely no reason to bring in your spiritual beliefs…. Seriously

  16. Wrong. Roger is a great player, but he never created the universe, unified Arabia through Muhammad and is not worshiped in mosques around the world.

  17. Roger is a good player, but he never created the universe, died for my sins and is not worshiped in christian churches around the world

  18. I love you Roger. Classy and so talented. <3 Was so proud of him for his win yesterday. Had tears streaming down my face like a loser lol

  19. mhm i guess so. I think over the course of the next 4-6 years though Rafael Nadal is going to surpass Laver and Sampras easily. He might even surpass Federer (unless this recent wimbeldon is the start to another run by Roger Federer). That’s why im inclined to keep him up there in the top 4 top 3 as of now. Just because i know he’s going to be up there pretty soon for certain.

  20. I think you have to take a full overview, that includes grand slams but other factors too, especially with past players not having played as many grand slams. Laver was out of grand slams for years but was still the best player in that period.

    Of course it’s opinion, but too often people ignore past greats, focusing too much on grand slam titles i would say. I have no big complaint with your ranking (more like wanting my own little adjustments)!

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