22 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal (Letterman)”

  1. and your a house nigger , kissing the white man’s ass ( mine ) without even realizing it …so STFU moron.

  2. before i start i wanna say that I’m a northern European Caucasian too.
    you can’t be this naive ?
    a.) commentators = all Caucasians
    b.) tennis crowds (all 4 grand slams) = Majority Caucasian
    c.) federer = Rolex commercials = sponsored by all 4 grand slams = Caucasian commentators kissing roger’s ass before they cut to commercial.
    d.) the Aussie and the English commentators….absolutely disgusting.
    e.)  rafa > roger & novak > roger. but nobody wants to accept that …cause the truth hurts

  3. You are such an asshole . your comment is nonsense. Federer is the best ever have won more than anyone. And you stay at tv and swearing federer.

  4. I will never understand Federer haters. You have the right to support Nadal or Djoko, they are great persons, have great fighting spirits, they have talent, they are better than Federer nowadays, especially in grandslams, it’s true…
    But why hate Federer ? Tennis experts are unanimous, Federer is the most talented player ever
    I hope Fed wins wimbledon, because if he wins he’ll be no1 again and this will shut your mouth

  5. rafa and nole are both … AWESOME

    federer … is a miserable loser.

    im happy that federer’s career has been destroyed by these 2 MAGNIFICENT tennis players , yay : )

  6. i would’ve laughed my ass off if Rafa came out and pulled his pants out of his crack lol

  7. When I saw the guy play tennis he was definatly number 1 to me I was thiking this guy can realy move .U have to be fast to do the things he does.

  8. Good job Rafa !! Great book too !!
    Letterman should have given a little more respect to one of the greatest tennis players everrrr!!!

  9. like he was wearing underware on that moment to have something to scratch 😀

  10. federer plays tennis like barcelona play football rafa and novak dont .  apart from setting the records thats the reason why roger is the greatest ever

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