Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic ATP Internazionali BNL D’italia Open 2012 Highlights HD

Tennis Heroes Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. 11:52 vintage Djoko forehand.

  2. nipponchemicon

    I can see the ball just fine.

  3. wow his backhand! must be smackin bitches all day…

  4. Roger play with single hand and same power and his service difficult to return but still he manages to loose!!!

  5. I don’t hate him. Are you ill? Don’t atribute your emotions to others. I’m Federer’s fan in 100% and I would love him to win, but I don’t hate Novak. I’m sure Fed is better etc. but don’t hate. That’s actually funny too.

  6. OnlyPureHDTennis

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  7. If you recorded that on a HD PVR and rendered at high quality, then you would be able to see the ball

  8. he actually did it…

  9. sorry Djoker hater but Nole won fed with ease

  10. are you implying federer is old and done? djoko can now beat up FADErer as easy as 1-2-3.

  11. No he didn’t…

  12. Its btw hate not hat, and the second thing: I hate you..

  13. U pravu si 😀

  14. You are annoying, you bastard

  15. kirk, you mistook luck for guts. luck doesn’t help you when you defend four match points, it’s self-confidence coupled with tennis mastery. he had already proven this against federer in us open last year, that he has what only nadal and roger have at the moment – champion mentality. that seperates them from the rest of the players.
    tsonga is a hell of a player, but he lacks that extra energy that those guys have.

  16. true, Djokovic killed Fed here, however, you idiot, he had just one the prior tournament in Madrid. Djokovic is lucky he didn’t lose against Seppi and is really lucky that he didn’t lose to Tsonga. I really want Federer to beat him in the semi final, but there’s also a part of me that wants him to win so he can get DESTROYED by Nadal in the final.

  17. Djokovic is so ugly and annoying.

  18. teddybear8712

    Fed played his best match in 2 years at the 2011 RG. He is really inconsistent as of late and honestly, I hardly think Federer can do the same thing this year. With all due respect, when was the last time he has won a GS? Cause, by your logic, that’s what counts…Nole will kill him if they meet in the semis, just like he did here.

  19. OnlyPureHDTennis

    Dude, thats not my fault. How can I provide you super quality if broadcasted quality is low. fps is 29.97. How much fps do you need seriously? If you are so concerned about quality then better get a HD sports channel subscription and watch at home. Nobody is stopping you to watch on TV or forcing you to watch here. Get a life dude.

  20. “Slight Degradation”
    You can barely see the ball and it looks like the fps rate is reduced..

  21. TheInimitableKaka

    This was so ugly

  22. wtf federer come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 🙁

  23. Killuminati1996

    I hate u faggot

  24. Ne sine, ti si glup/stupid, jer ne znaš osnovni red.