25 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic – The show must go on”

  1. I love both guys, they’re the best and their matches are always´╗┐ epic. But my heart goes to Nole, he’s my n┬║1! Great videos, thanks.

  2. raschben
    Even you don’t know he won´╗┐ Grand Slam.
    you don’t know tennis.
    who care what you think.
    If you don’t like just don’t watch his videos.

  3. why is he the´╗┐ best?
    did he win a grand slam!
    he is just a little arrogant mofu!
    i cannot stand his face!

  4. Vamos Rafa ,ajde Nole Its so perfect,you did this excelent!I love them´╗┐ to very much,but Nole more,im from Serbia!

  5. That’s incredible!You’ve made such a good compare´╗┐ of them!They’re both great players, but I like more Nole!
    Anyway the video is perfect< 3

  6. his full name is novak and i meeting´╗┐ him tomorrow at my coaches club oooooooooooooooo ahhhhhh

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