24 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal-the sweetest ass in the world”

  1. Verdade, ele tem a bunda mais bonita do mundo!!! E ainda é um cara muito legal também!!! Amo Rafa!!!

  2. i dont think ill ever look at him in a normal again with that song on replay in my head! :((( HAHAHAHA

  3. kinda going a bit too far to be honest. i wonder how much the paparazzi jizzed to this.

  4. “the sweetest ass in the world” hahaha !

    This is TRUE! cuteeeeeeee !

    Love u, RAFA!

  5. Haha, love this song with these pics of this hot, hot, hot man. 🙂 Wonderful

  6. First off: great song, it suits Rafa like a glove.

    Secondly: I always thought I would never say this..but, I would gladly kiss that 10x over! but hey..what girl wouldn’t!? lol

  7. Do you think the hair in his ass is as long and curly as the hair on his head?

  8. He really does have a great ass. Thank you for the video… but please don’t use papparazzi pics in the future, please! They are in invasion of his privacy.  Thank you!

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