Novak Djokovic vs Juan Monaco ATP Miami Masters 2012 Highlights

Tennis Heroes Video Score: four / 5

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  1. Fuck djokovic 😉

  2. I feel like practicing now :c ha my husband won! Yay go Novak! c;

  3. If 2:20 was a video game, I’d call hax!

  4. Monaco played a tremendously hard-fought match, but when Djokovic is en-forme, he’s invincible.

  5. The video seems to be faster than real time

  6. Was Monaco always this good? Especially in the second set, he was on fire!

  7. jayeshliverpool

    They play a techno number at the end of these maimi 2012 matches… anyone kno the name… its a really good beat…!

  8. Serbian warrior shall forever prevail !

  9. Monaco`s playstyle is similar to nadal´s

  10. this nole don´t nole past year

  11. Anyone knows the name of the song at the end of the match??:)

  12. Nole is back!

  13. Monaco played well and did not give up. He should be pleased with his run in Miami.

  14. I am a Murray fan but I don’t see a way through this controlled aggression that Novak has been playing on the court in Miami.

  15. UnlimitedFun007

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  16. UnlimitedFun007

    Thank you. Please subscribe for future videos. 🙂

  17. StefanVlaisavljevic

    Glad to see Djokovic in his old form from last year

  18. bonitavansteene

    the djoker is back, good to see monaco finally live up to his talent as well, great baseliner , i guess the head racket nole uses is back to gps mode … 😉 you tek thats how they call it these days , great system, lt djoko play with his wilson blade like before he wont get the same results att all

  19. Excellent highlight. I watched the whole match, and this is as good as it can be.

  20. Thx for the Highlights! Djokovic plays like 2011 now!