25 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal nearing comeback”

  1. The brand new Jokerstars whore. Phahaha, 0 respect for him from now on. I hope he ends his career soon, hes a disgrace for the tennis community.

  2. zbog Ivaniševića sam dobio skoro slom živaca finale Vimbldon..da je lud,lud je!

  3. federer can probalby serve much faster but he takes off the pace to ge tmore consistency

  4. can’t serve fast? Nadal served a 135 mph serve at the 2010 us open. That is tied with federers fastest serve ever.

  5. like i said he has a good clay court serve, what’s the point of a fast serve when the surface (clay) is so slow

  6. hahaha just because hes lefthanded…….his slice serve is good…jep thats right…but he cant serve fast…weeeeeak for someone his level…

  7. lol his serve has always been a great clay court serve, don’t talk shit lad

  8. I thought that Nadal is becoming weaker… But really is… He is injured and not played for a long time…. Go back rafa…. Take your title to be no. 1

  9. Take your time champ, i really didn’t like that footwork on that last forehand, unfortunately !

  10. He is suffering from apparently a harsh bug, so he isn’t competing in the Abu Dhabi tournament, he also isn’t partaking in the Australian Open.

  11. Yes but it will take time, pure determination and hard work.

    Rafa is an incredible player with a great work ethic so I can see him achieving it.
    With 4 men at the top winning grandslams, 2013 is going to be a great year for men’s tennis.

  12. Rafa va a volver y ojala pueda ganar otro Roland Garros y volver al puesto nro 1

  13. It’s always special to see Rafa playing those (leftie) forehands with lot of topspin.. love it !

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