Rafael Nadal’s Funniest Moments PART 1

Tennis Heroes Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. would you marry me?

  2. he’s the cutest

  3. hey nadal what??

  4. What an end.

  5. 12:29 Plátano, es plátano se m’ha quedat aquí! hahahahahahaha

  6. ang gwapo naman ni Rafa 🙂

  7. StarryWolf Uliiga

    I love when Federer giggles :’D

  8. hahahahaha what??? ;p

  9. StarryWolf Uliiga

    “My famous ass!” LOOOOOL OMG he’s tooo cute!!!!!

  10. @dreamededinburgh he said “puta madre” haha

  11. Rafa & Roger 4ever !!!!!!!!!:)<3

  12. dreamededinburgh

    13:15 ¿qué dice?

  13. He said “I love you” and he kissed me

  14. missbasia1122

    Rafa & Roger, you guys rock! :D

  15. Man I cannot stand him. He puts his fingers in his ass. He’s sickening!!!

  16. come to my channel!!

  17. I like how they had Roger and Rafa sitting so that their giant mutant arms were on the outside.

  18. Federer is so giggly!

  19. Sophia Bianca Golea

    what? hahahaha

  20. really love these guys, for real

  21. 9:26 Youknowhat, igonnacometoswitzerl­andandplayanexhibitionmatchfor­yourfoundation

  22. Christmas has came and past and they are still sitting in that room trying to get that line right.