25 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Training Program – Physical Preparation (Preparación física) of Rafa”

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  4. Well done, he’s doing another variation of pushups and pullups which
    specifically targets some parts of shoulders and back

  5. @abcjc1 lol yeah. But i think with his shirtless. His arm is prove more
    outstanding which improve his size. I’ve seen him in person. lol im like
    6’4 and weigh at 250. He’s tiny next to me. But omg the tennis is just a
    different story

  6. @kojiro99999 your 6’4 and you weight 250??? What are you triple H???
    Because he weighs 255lbs and is the same height as you. Are you really that

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  8. The variations on the pushups and pullups are used to ensure that the
    exercises work on the shoulders as opposed to the chest and the back
    respectively. The trainer explained it during the interview

  9. It looks like Rafa has the attic of his family’s Manacor house for him. So
    that is where he trains with his physical trainer and his physiotherapist .

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