7 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic Backhand Analysis”

  1. Hi Fabian. It is not so much about looking at the contact point. It is
    really more about keeping your head still and your eyes focused in the
    direction of contact. It is not possible to see the ball contact the
    strings so it really is more about having the head point in that direction
    and keeping it relatively still around contact

  2. Im a advanced player but i have never learned to look a the contact point
    hitting the ball. I tried it several times in my training but I hit the
    ball not so good then without looking at it. It feels like that I watch out
    for the contact point to early or loose the eye contact to the ball before
    / after the shot. Dont know what to do.

  3. I have finally got a good 2hbh.I relax my arms,get under the ball and use
    my left hand to violently spin the ball on contact.Forget your non dominent
    arm,just think about catching and throwing with your hand.i’m right handed
    by the way.

  4. I have always admired Djokovic’s ability to hit deep and with pace on the
    back (mine are usually too shallow). It seems that you are saying the depth
    on the shot comes from how much he extends his arms forward and continues
    the rotation after contact? Is this correct?

  5. nice video – good commenting just one thing regarding: “turning the
    shoulders” more than your hips, this will put tension on your back.
    (mid/long term) So better be careful with this and take a stance that is
    less open.

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