24 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs John Isner – Match Point & Highlights – Indian Wells FINAL 2012 – 18/03/2012”


  2. Isner only has good service because of his height, but not enough tennis to beat Federer.

  3. 5:51 Look at John Isner, he doesn’t need to raise his arm to shake hand with the referee. What a giant !

    And that’s a great victory for Roger. 😀

  4. Watch here my highlights from this game maded by me in HD ! Not fake!

  5. Style’s not new or changed. He’s still standing closer to the baseline whenever he can, hitting forehands whenever he can, stay aggressive. he still chips a majority of the returns or block them back.Only thing that seems new is his using a bit more of the outside-in curling crosscourt forehand and maybe trying to hit some more topspin again. Him driving through his backhand more already started late 2010. he didn’t change- he added and may be playing certain patterns more.

  6. Not all. You only think it’s not natural, b/c you believe the body can’t do the things that they do for such a long time. The will, the mind actually can influence the physical performance, and body, to the point where it takes a while to feel the pain later. As good as Rafa is in said conditions, even he can’t always top it, just like how Roger can’t always struggle and lose against the wind. There will always be those few times where things are different.there is no absolute probability

  7. Clearly you must not think much of the winds being part of a drama. Also, if it was simple as not creating break point chances on the other guy and the other guy just cruising through service games, then you could say no drama. granted this match may not be high drama, it still drama. what with the winds and slight rain delays. Rafa tried to change but it’s not easy when you are not sure what to do except keep trying to find the range. Different type of fitness? Care to elaborate?

  8. This sound crazy but the new aggressive style of federer remember me alot to fernando gonzalez in 2007

  9. John Isner need do one thing, then he can win his first grand slam champion. I am 100% sure.

  10. @altratuben this’s right, plus that the ranking of 2012 “only” is already topped by Rog as follows:

    1.Roger 2820 pt.
    2.Djoko 2540 pt.
    3.Nadal 1800 pt.

  11. I think you are right. Nadal is in danger of dropping out of top five after wimbledon, unless he wins a lot in the clay court season. My admiration of Federer grown, because I thougt he was traumatized after that us-open semis loss last year. Instead he has won everything, allmost, since then, and has 5800 point scored since us open last year. Nadal trailing with about 2200 and djoko about 2500. So the job for Federer is to beat Djoko and Nadal in the slams, then number one is back

  12. I think it was pretty dramatic, even if it’s not a close score or huge match. You had Federer crunching the winners, wondering if he could keep it up in progressively more brutal conditions for his low margin game. Few shots were ‘easy ones’ that day; you could see the arc of the ball before and after contact, with adjustments in footwork all the time. Nadal came back in the 2nd set and looked like he could turn it around and Fed might stumble, and then a delay on MP to top it all off.

  13. HE lob Isner @ 3:44!!! In your face giant!…hoho, kidding! John should always hit THOSE shots and not wait/hope for it to go OUT. Great players know that!

  14. Can I ZOOM this clip @ 0:41!!! Roger looks like a midget! anyways, good job Fed!

  15. Great job….now time to do it again at Miami…Federer’s forehand is working at it’s best and that means no one can stop him now.

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