Roger Federer vs Milos Raonic ATP Mutua Madrid Open 2012 Highlights HD

Tennis Heroes Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Iamgoodathockey

    5:38 scoring mistake lol they thought the ball was out

  2. afsaldurranihotmail

    well done keep it up…

  3. Amazing match!!! Truly an amazing match!!! Great great players!!!

  4. Two times smash counter!!! That must have hurt…

  5. because im in love with tennis and love both tours but those ppl who do wta highlights dont upload as quick as those that do atp and as much videos

  6. ha haha hahahahahahahhahaha. serious? why?

  7. redviolin1231

    any1 else notice that 1:14 , the ball hits federer’s head on the rebound….

  8. dont know milos raonic, until i’ve seen this video, he almost upset federer in this match…

  9. 7:29 “Awwwww What a Dick!” ???

  10. keep up the good work man!

  11. 6:50 Tsonga Style by Raonic !

  12. give him a break, i for one enjoyed the highlights.

  13. Blaine Hislop

    raonic actually looked like the better player during long stretches of this match, but he needs to find a way to win those big points, key points, against the great players 

  14. Totally, and its like watching porn, Do they need to grunt so hard ?

  15. Michael Reinhardt

    agreed women’s tennis has really gotten boring. it’s sooooooo inconsistent and they hit soooo many unforced errors it’s ridiculous.

  16. I only watch women’s tennis when i wanna fap,

  17. Anexpectedlover

    Milos has the potencial to be N 1 in near future!!

  18. raonic has a very consistent serve. feels like he needs to work on his fitness, so he can chase down those hard balls. you can see how federer starts to read his serves as the match goes on. shows Milos is getting tired faster than Fed is. still very well played both. But I like Fed better. l0l

  19. edwin0449318358

    so now everyone knows how to beat raonic …ony drop shots and u win!

  20. Some of the best serving from Federer I’ve ever seen!

  21. 1:14 federer gets hit by the ball

  22. you are being biased because you are from Canada, I am in Canada too but I understand Milos is shit

  23. because he is better and Milos sucks from the baseline, what kind of question is that lol

  24. so how come fed won?

  25. OnlyPureHDTennis

    If you think you know better then why don’t you make highlights and upload them? People will have fun. But if you can’t then stop criticizing others because you don’t know what it takes to make highlightsand upload them.