10 thoughts on “(HD) David Nalbandian vs Milos Raonic Madrid 2012 R1 – FULL MATCH”

  1. tennis is cruel, nalbandian who was equal to federer in terms of skill is playing this match with hardly any spectators

  2. yes i understand the players perspective, but a madrid official said in an interview that a main income source is the TV this is why they did this. people care about money money money today and the players will most likely still play because of the money too and the title of madrid so its all good for the Madrid tennis officials

  3. exactly, but it doesn’t mean squat if we the viewer can see the ball clearer or not if the players hate it. I mean after all, this is more for them than it is for us, as a warm up for the French, and if they aren’t getting what they think will help them in the bigger tournaments (grand slam) then they will just leave it and join something that they feel is better preparation (Nadal’s verdict on the new clay)

  4. I understand, it doesn’t feel or look like clay but it improves our view of the ball which is great for this and YouTube but the players don’t like it I think. I would like to play on it though seems cool and weird, I would probably forget im on clay

  5. i dont like the new blue, it just doesn’t feel like you’re watching clay at all, plus i also noticed that you can see the spots better, but it just looks like a bunch of dots on the court and it surely gets annoying

  6. Enjoy.

    Seems like this one turned out properly. Everyones thought on the blue clay?

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