Season 2015 not Good for Juan Martin Del Potro

The 2015 season was just limited to two tournaments for Juan Martin Del Potro and during that curtailed season, he was not at ease with the rackets he had to use.

The company which manufactures rackets for Del Potro stopped manufacturing his favourite model last year and instead came up with a new model which he did not like much. He did try it, but, was surely not comfortable enough to go into the games with it.

And, since the company could only provide that model, he had no option, but, to bring out the rackets he had already used previously, the old ones. However, the problem was that those rackets were deteriorating in quality quickly having been used enough already.  After each practice session or even after a little knock ahead of his matches, De Potro would feel as if the strings of the rackets had to be changed.

As per Del Potro, most of the players generally use a set of rackets for fifteen weeks or so and then, have another set, but, he could not have another set and had to continue with that many rackets only as the new model that he would have got if he had opted for a change was not going to suit him. It had got him bitterly frustrated, but, now he is thankful that he is starting to get suitable rackets.

The rackets that are now manufactured specially for the hard hitting Argentinean are heavier in mass than the old ones, but, in spite of the slightly increased mass, his wrists, which have gone through a lot of damage and are definitely weaker, would not be under much stress because of the soft strings that have been put on the handle of the rackets.