25 thoughts on “Virtua Tennis 2009: Roger Federer vs David Nalbandian Part 1”

  1. That’s why I bought Top Spin 4 over Virtua Tennis 4, and I don’t regret it!

  2. VT 2009 is much better than VT4, its plays are too slow. definitely TS4 is the best tennis game right now

  3. hold the slice and back arrow and the direction you want to hit the ball for at least 2 seconds for the drop shot…. but you have to be in position to have time to do the drop shot… it is very hard unless you can guess correctly where your opponent is going to hit the ball, and also if the ball hit back to you is not too fast… hope this helps.

  4. i played this online with my brother 2vs2 to finish 1 game i was playing 2 hours at this game its easer to get the bal than virtua tennis 3

  5. Virtua Tennis 3 was only hard because your opponent/you could dive all over the place and still recover in time to hit a smash down the sideline, so yeah it was harder, but really annoying, cos no one can dive that many times without getting injured…..

  6. you don’t have to really get 11 people, since if you are only playing for fun, just play five a side?

  7. sorry I though you were talking about physically playing football and tennis, though you can play football games against AI, or against 1 other player, or even go online to play someone else online, there isn’t anything hard about football, either in real life or in the virtual world, especially in the virtual world…

  8. I meant in a game of tennis is easier to set up. You only need another person and In my comment I was assuming that one could already play tennis. Though I understand you’re point, but what I meant is that finding enough people to play a game of football is hard XD

  9. actually no, Tennis you have to move every second, whereas football is a team of 11 people, and 8 of them at any one time are doing nothing, besides walking maybe, but in tennis is 1v1, no rests unless its a break which is only 1 min…

  10. false. football may require more, physically, but tennis requires far more skill to be able to play decently. Anyone can pick up and catch a football. Picking up a racket and not looking like a jackass is very difficult to do.

  11. This game is so “arcade”, it doesn’t make any sense.
    Players don’t make bad hits, don’t get exhausted: FIFA has these elements, and you have to count with them and makes the game realistic
    And the game has no surprises to offer, every point looks the same… real embarrassing

  12. i already got a note to myself it is: never buy a game with the word virtua on it
    i mean this sucks, virtua fighter sucks, etc xD

  13. I kinda agree, but tennis is a VERY fast paced sport, in terms of how the points are played, and how fast the shots are. To implement the realism that we want in a tennis game, could actually slow down the game play significant. top spin is a good example of that, though it’s a realistic game it is TOO SLOW for my taste, and compared to FIFA and UFC, tennis is totally different in terms of game play. Though I do get very frustrated with the game play mechanics of VT 2009.

  14. Thats because why play a virtual game of tennis when you can play the real thing? Its far easier to play a game of tennis then a game of football.

  15. whats this recorded with? and the stuff u recorded it with, how much did it cost. and where can i get it from

  16. its sad..wonder why there is no good tennis game!!latest cricket games released by codemasters are pretty good..

  17. the game is too easy..i never lose!!i break all the sets..i always win in straight sets..is there any othergood tennis game?

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