7 thoughts on “Virtua Tennis 3: Custom Player (All Around) and David Nalbandian VS King (LV.0) and Duke(LV.0)”

  1. i have ended this game more than 6 times and i have beaten these players 6 times

  2. Nevermind, all I needed to do was to use a gamepad instead of the keyboard. Silly controls.

  3. Are you playing the PC version? I have won this match 6-0 with Dent in the PC version, and after the match I see that golden screen with the percentages stats.

    However, when I press enter, it goes back to the world tour menu! I only found out that there is another stats screen (the blue one) and that “You’re a TOP PLAYER” animation in this video!

    May I ask if you applied the 1.01 patch or what keys do you press?

  4. I thought u were king and duke! but good job u won!
    ur 100x better than me!

  5. Man, i have to tell you that what you’ve done is unbelievable. I’ve tried to win this doubles final a lot of times and you beat them 6-2!!! As the game said you are a TOP PLAYER

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