25 thoughts on “Cristiano beats Nadal… At tennis!”

  1. Yeah Cristiano and Rafa both suck at their Sports. Rafa didn’t just win the French Open and Ronaldo didn’t just win the League with his team… You are sooo dumb hahaha.

  2. Doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong, this is a Nadal and Cristiano video… There is no need for assholes licking Messi and Djokobitch’s arsehole

  3. This is not fake the ability of athletes is far beyond what we see in games

  4. Athletes can be egoist or self-centered. They don’t need to pose like humble human being. Just look at politicians posing as humble and caring human being, but in the inside they are not better than dead rat.

  5. of course its real it shows you dont follow soccer and dont see ronaldo do those tricks and know what he is capable of doing stupid ass eh?

  6. No its obiviously not fake.They really played against eath other and yes Ronaldo plays tennis with is feet.LOL

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