25 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal, Uncle Toni and Oscar Borras.”

  1. Yes and practice from half court until you develop the proper mechanics. If it’s ok for Rafa to practice from Mid-court it’s ok for everyone else. Thanks for watching. christophe.

  2. You are very welcome. I was a great video to put together. A lesson for all of us. Christophe.

  3. I knew about the lawsuit before doing the video, i only agreed to do it if i stayed neutral. Oscar wanted me to do it to show the world what he did, i did it because the video was priceless for obvious reasons. I said “funny” I could have easily said it’s Ironic.

  4. Had I known that Oscar was taken to court, I would be reluctant to make comments with respect to humility. You do understand that this clip does not mention the fallout between the two or court proceedings — so, it is surprising that you would find my comment “funny”.

    In any event, I am sure that neither one of us was present there and therefore do not know the details of what transpired between them. Thus, any judgement on who is “at fault” in this transaction would be irresponsible IMHO.

  5. It’s funny you say that because Rafa never gave Oscar any credit for improving his serve. Oscar actually took Rafa to court to last year to get recognition and Rafa said that the only thing Oscar did was waste his time for 90 minutes… It’s sad that it came down to that…. Thanks for your positive comments. Play well and Thanks for watching!

  6. Wonderful video! Thank you for posting it.

    I am more impressed by Rafa’s and Uncle Toni’s humility than by what Oscar Borras brought about by way of a change in the serve mechanics.

  7. Yes i agree but he keeps going in and out of it, he will be the first one to admit that his serve is the weakest part of his game.Thanks for watching. Christophe.

  8. I saw Rafa playing in 2012 against Djokovic, but it seems that his service is almost back to the original?

  9. Thank you for your positive comments. When practicing on the ball machine make sure the ball she just hit passes the ball machine before the next one comes out. Doing so will give her a more accurate feel for the proper rhythm of the stroke and not rush her. She is slapping a little too much at the ball right now. I love her footwork & enthousiasm. Don’t spend too much time at the baseline right now instead work on her strokes & fundamentals. Keep me posted and ill give you feedback. Christophe.

  10. The best thing about the Oscar-Rafa-Toni video for me is seeing first hand the importance of needing not just a good attitude but a great one to be a champion. This Video should be mandatory viewing for any person that picks up a racket and wants to improve. I’ve put up a video of my Daughter on my channel.,any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Yes it was big of him to be willing to take a lesson and listen, but the sad part is that he never acknowledged that Oscar help him.Thanks for watching Christophe.

  12. Great observation! he is still struggling to find his 2010 serve motion. Thanks for watching . Christophe.

  13. HAHAHAHAHA!! his half serve is still significantly faster than my first :((

  14. awesome vid chris. love rafa. but was wondering where those 19mph’s went? i tried to notice his motion on the serve in his match against Nole this morning and it seems like he’s sort’ve transitioned back to his old ways. (?)

  15. i don’t know why but the sound doesn’t work. i don’t have such a problem with other videos.

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